‘secret teaching methods’ include traditionally known health risks

” information that Plaintiff has designated as trade secret are obviously not secret at all...the various health considerations described. The students would observe if a person was restricted from performing some of the functions. “…xxxxx…”. Indeed, it is difficult to understand how any of the health consideration can be considered a trade secret, in light of the fact that students are forced to fill out a health section of the course registration form and the overarching advice “…xxxxx…”.

As the purportedly “scientific” studies disseminated by AOL recognize, Sudarshan Kriya…produce “altered states of consciousness.” Outside of this “scientific” context, however, AOL makes the further mystical assertion that the altered state of consciousness induced… is itself a revelation of the Divine/Infinite/Absolute. (Note. Some of Shankar‟s writings go well beyond these “scientific” studies in making health claims for Sudarshan Kriya.)...as AOL teachers warn students, it is essential that knowledge of the Sudarshan Kriya technique be transmitted under the aegis of AOL, because “….xxxxx…“.“…India developed the guru system in which disclosures to disciples are calibrated to the disciples‟ capacities to comprehend them … if [higher states of consciousness] are accessed by people who are unprepared for them, one of two things will happen. Either … the subject will be damaged, or the significance of the experience will be missed.”

https://aolfree.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/doc-138-redacted-2nd-mts.pdf (emphasis added)

Dec 8, 2011 (doc.138 – redacted)

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