Dr. Vasant Lad BAM & S, MASc is well renowned Director of ‘The Ayurvedic Institute’.

“…all diseases can be cured by pranayama, if it is done properly. If the wrong pranayama is done then all diseases will happen because of wrong pranayama… should be done rightly; according to your prakruti, according to your vikruti”.

Adverse effects

“Suppose your vata dosha is high and you are doing kapalbhati one thousand, oh my god you will become space cadet and flying everywhere, no. If your pitta is high and you are doing bhastrika, oh you will be burning fire. So we have to follow our prakruti, vikruti, do proper pranayama. You can; calm down vata, calm down pitta, calm down kapha and you will go into the bliss”.


“The universal balancing pranayama for all dosha is analom vilom… It is balancing between ida/pingala. Pingala will provoke pitta and ida will provoke kapha. It will balance vata, pitta, kapha just by doing anulom vilom nadi shodhana pranayama”.


Video: ‘Healing psychological trauma through mindful awareness and self-inquiry (Part 2)“. January 20th, 2017, (at 47 minutes, 53 seconds).

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